Under the Sign of the Labyrinth by Christina Tudor-Sideri

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"If ever there was a book that reads as if the author is present, whispering over your shoulder, it is 'Under the Sign of the Labyrinth'"—Joseph Schreiber, Rough Ghosts

"There is no need to place your hand on a wound to feel it throbbing in pain. There is no need to see its root to know that a tree is dying. I am renouncing history. A film frame has lost its meaning. Vain and cruel, I have become a self that contains all negations to come, I have escaped the universe of time and space—page after page, touch after touch, train after train. I have become the idea of a sea beast moving in the deep. I have become the labyrinth. I am entombed in poetry. In the first stanza, in the last, in the blueness of thirsting ink—in the bruising of eternity. I have become alone. I am alone."