Highland Falls by Blag Dahlia

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Punk rock legend Blag Dahlia returns with his third transgressive novel Highland Falls

Nina West is a deceptively petite young trickster who works at a funeral home in the suburban Illinois town of Highland Falls. Her short-term boyfriend Ace fronts the Dunderhearts, a band so unlistenable that only constant infusions of cocaine can make them tolerable. Ace's grandfather Fredo owns the home and lets the band practice in the basement amid the corpses and formaldehyde while Ace drives the family Hearse.

Nina's brush with a Bolivian consulate official brings so much of South America's favorite export into their orbit that Dunderheart's bass player Lex, the only cute one in the band, drops dead just as Nina is about to have her way with him.

Meanwhile, just down the street, Ricky Leiber returns to Highland Falls to claim the family home his parents have left him after their untimely demise. Looking forward to a life of anonymous indolence and television addiction, Ricky falls for Nina at his folk's funeral. Ricky falls hopelessly in love with Nina, while Nina remains hopelessly in love with herself.

From the suburban wastelands of Highland Falls, Illinois, all roads finally lead to Hollywood where a blood-soaked massacre vaults Nina to instant stardom and worldwide acclaim. It's a happy ending guaranteed to captivate a miserable generation.