It's the End of the World, My Love by Alla Gorbunova

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"Stunningly diverse and at the same time impeccably holistic, nakedly sincere and bizarrely inventive, naive and wise, frightening and comfortable - Alla Gorbunova's book seems to deliberately elude any unambiguous epithets, or rather, contains them all, while remaining something immeasurable large and simply different. And it is precisely this fundamental indeterminacy, this exciting ambiguity that definitely allows us to call It's the End of the World, My Love one of the main - if not the main - book of this year." -Galina Yuzefovich, Meduza

"It can be assumed that this is a book about the author's childhood and adolescence in the 1990s. Or maybe it's a fictional childhood, or any human, it doesn't matter. One way or another - this is a book of amazing power, frank and somewhere even cruel, full of the most crystal tenderness. Teenage neuroses and everyday post-Soviet absurdity merge here with ancient fairy-tale archetypes and dark forest witchcraft - in order to reach the final to the dazzling light of the eternal child's Motherland, where all is love and joy, and everything is always for the first time. " -Yuri Saprykin