The Happy Broadcast by Mauro Gatti


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From award-winning creator Mauro Gatti, The Happy Broadcast takes you on a phenomenal trip around the world to meet everyday people using their talents, skills and goodwill to create positive change.

The Happy Broadcast: How to Stay Positive, Take Action & Make the World a Better Place is filled with stories of people doing good, as well as prompts, tips, and how-tos for taking action to make good things happen in your own community. From drone delivered medical supplies, to a cuddle club uniting senior dogs with senior people, to a man who planted a tree every day for thirty-five years and created a forest larger than Central Park, the stories collected in The Happy Broadcast are surprising, diverse, and empowering, featuring Mauro Gatti’s charming and humorous illustrations. 

Packed with ideas and inspiration to make a difference, this book will remind you that no action is too small, and that every person (yes, that's you!) counts.